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Applications Open For 2019

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Applications Open For 2019

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About us

Legend Hospitality School commenced operation in 2007 as a joint venture through Food and Beverage Institute and Legend Hospitality Group and have already made a huge impact in training circles. Legend Hospitality School is proudly a Stand Alone City & Guilds Accredited Centre and have been in operation since 2007, and have recently become a CATHSSETA Registered Approved Centre.

Legend Hospitality School & Academy News

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Chef Jolene Els

Miss/Chef Els is one of our greatest and most motivational personnel at Legend Hospitality School. Jolene has been with LHS since July 2009 and is not only the most Senior Lecturer and Chef, however is known as the Mother of the school.

Her journey and her passion for food started in 2001 where she made the decision to follow her passion as a Chef. She is truly a one of a kind!

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Our Hospitality management course is facilitated at the school through both theoretical and practical lectures, classes, demonstrations and functions.

Service Staff

Legend Hospitality Group

The group features safari and country lodges, coastal hotels, cultural villages and shebeens in South Africa as well as Mozambique and Botswana.

Legend Hospitality School & Academy

Situated at Zebra Country Lodge, 30km from the Zambezi turnoff on the R573 outside of Pretoria, the African Bushveld provides the perfect backdrop for training the leaders of the future.

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