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Please note that you enter any Legend Hospitality Group premises at your own risk. The owners, directors, agents, management company, security company and/or their employees are not liable for any injury/death to any persons whether caused by their negligence or not, nor for loss or damage to property, by theft or any other cause whatsoever.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. No dogs or other pets are allowed. No firearms are permitted.


Child Policy

Parents/guardians need to be aware of the danger posed by wild animals. Care should be taken in deciding when and where children are allowed to move around and/or play. We require that children remain under adult supervision at all times and that the parents/guardians ensure that their children do not disturb the peace and tranquillity for the other guests.

Please note that no children under 6 years of age are allowed on open game vehicles at any time. This including, but not limited to transfers within all of Legend Hospitality Group’s properties. Legend Hospitality Group reserves all rights in this regard.

In a situation where the game vehicle is left behind to track game on foot, the game ranger has sole discretion on whether children are allowed to accompany the guests. If the game ranger decides that the children may not accompany the other guests, at least one parent/guardian will be expected to remain behind on the vehicle to supervise the children.

Other activities are available by prior arrangement and babysitting services are also available at an additional charge.

Please request details of the Little Legends children’s activity programme from the Reservations Consultant or at Reception upon arrival.